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Mr. Messina’s 1st Guppy Bowl: LX Design Challenge

LX Design Challenge Overview
The challenge is for Mr. Messina's Entrepreneurship students to design a product, service, or organization to improve high school students' .
The overall goal is to collaborate with classmates to develop a unique innovation to improve the learning experience of high school students, to prototype a solution, and to persuade potential investors that your company or organization has the most promise to launch and sustain a successful business or organization.
Competition Team Makeup and Awards!
Each class block will split up into two teams (A cohort vs. B cohort) and will compete.
Then first, second and third prizes will be awarded to the finalists from each block (A-Block, D-Block, and E-Block).
The winner will earn their name on the Guppy Bowl (Fish Tank)
The top 3 members from the winning team will get a fish that will be named after them! These members will be elected from their company.

What will I be doing?

Each member will be assigned part of the Business Plan that will be inputted through the
Each member is responsible for being the “expert” of their part of the plan, including:
primary and secondary research as needed
communicating with project leaders and across departments
Writing and formatting of their
Developing a Detailed View of the Table on the Business Plan that will serve as “slide(s)”
Presenting the Detailed View of their part of the Business Plan individually or collectively to persuade Mr. Messina and investors (through your expertise and presentation) that your company or organization has the most promise to launch and sustain a successful business or organization.

How will our work be presented?

All the the tables created by each team member will be displayed for presentation on the page (through the Detailed View tool)
You do not have to create slides, the space is very powerful and can take data, connect it across tables and make it visually appealing.


Each company should prepare a video demo pitch (details TBD)

What do we use our department pages for?

It is recommended that a short meeting is held for the entire team before splitting up into smaller department groups.
Department pages are spaces for each department to organize meetings, have discussions, to collaborate and to utilize project management tools.
Other tools can easily be added by starting a line with a slash /

Who and how do I ask for help?

Each team member should be working on something, if not, check-in with your project leader and/or Mr. Messina
Direct other questions to your project leaders or team members
Mr. Messina is available if your leaders and team members can’t answer your question(s)

Want to print your doc?
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Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
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