thisTable.Created() always returns Parent table's created() dateTime
thisTable.Created() always returns Parent table's created() dateTime
This is important to me because I have a button that uses DuplicatePage()
The duplicated page has a View of Table
Ideally, all new rows created from the View of Table would reference the parent row that triggered the DuplicatePage() (in my example, the duplicated page’s are “Projects” that contain duplicated “Tasks” tables, where each new Task row should reference the parent project)
However, the DuplicatePage() method only allows passing formulaic values into the duplicated page title. And since the duplicated table cannot access the name of the page it’s in, this page title cannot be used to match the parent row.
The only unique value I can retrieve from the duplicated View of Table is the table.created()
So I modify my button to log a createdTime value when it’s clicked, which matches the View of Table.created() date!
I successfully match these values in canvas expressions when specifically targeting the View of Table
However, when using the same expression in a column’s Value for New Row on the View of Table it does not return the same created() dateTime. Rather, it returns the Table.created() dateTime.
I assume this is because the column belongs to the Table object and not the views of Table objects.
But I cannot find any other way to reference the row containing the button that triggered the duplicatePage() action
I also tried to add a filter control, and then set the control via a button. However, the action cannot run if it cannot identify a control that does not exist yet (even if the duplicated control’s name can be expected, i.e. “select control 2”)!

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