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Last update 08.12.23

1. Registration and Authorization

1.1. Registration

Registration options:Telegram Google Account Email
Password recovery process.

2. Profile

2.1. Personal Information (Personal Data)

Profile editing: change email, phone number, first name, second name.
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2.2. Finances | Wallet Connection | MetaMask | Balance Replenishment | Withdrawal | BSC

Ability to deposit stablecoins to increase the balance.
Requesting fund withdrawals.
Linking MetaMask.
Linking/unlinking an unlimited number of crypto wallets to one account.

2.3. Projects

List of projects with user investments.
Current project status.
Ability to offer a share for resale.
Ability to purchase a share.
Filtering by project categories and status.

2.4. Account Activity

View a complete list of account actions with dates and times.

2.5. Referral Program

Obtaining a referral link.
Full information on the number of referrals.
Ability to invite referrals
Information on referral earnings.
Viewing information on the current grade.
Ability to raise the grade.
Viewing the number of encoded MTP.

2.6. Hold Contract | Grades | Grade Levels | MTP

Hold contract: a yearly hold contract for increased referral rewards.
View 2 of Grades

3. Projects

Filtering projects by type and status.
List of projects.
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3.1. Project Details

Ability to invest in the project.
Purchase shares offered by other users.
Detailed information about the project, team, and plans.

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3.2. Project Statuses


3.2.1. Fundraising

The first stage for each project entering MetaPool
Buy a share in the project's initial fundraising offering.
View opening/closing dates.
See the amount collected in the pool.

3.2.2 Fundraising completed.

Secondary market for share resale opens at this stage.
Sell previously purchased shares at any desired price.
Buy shares offered for sale.

3.2.3. Money distributed

The crypto is distributed to user accounts according to the shares purchased in the early stages.
Fundraising cancelled | Fundraising time has expired Collection canceled; crypto redistributed to user accounts.

4. Education and Articles

Section with educational materials on cryptocurrencies and investing.
Pages with detailed articles on projects, cryptocurrencies, and finances.

5. Tokenomics

Full information on the MetaPool.me token structure.
Rules and token distribution based on user level and activity.
View of Metapool.me tokenomics - MTP_Tokenomics

6. Admin Panel

Income distribution among project pool participants.
Dividend calculation.
Adding new projects.
Managing project pool statuses.
Report export.
Creating other administrators.

7. Community


8. Notifications

Notification system for real-time information.

9. Technical Pages

Privacy policy, cookies.

10. Smart Contracts

10.1 MetaPool Contract - DONE

10.2 Holder Contract - DONE

10.3 Meta converter Contract - IN PROCESS

10.4 Order Book Contract - IN PROCESS

10.5 DAO MetaPool Contract - IN PROCESS

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