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Beta Help Sheet

How to Get Started and Be Successful with Replay Reviews

Watch the training videos to understand the feature (1.2x speed recommended!).
Announce you are doing Replay Reviews on Twitter (we provide template text and a custom graphic).
Do Replay Reviews live on a Twitch stream, with student’s permission (we provide a custom Twitch banner).
Post a YouTube video announcing you are doing Replay Reviews (we provide a custom YouTube banner).
Message some students on Discord or Metafy Chat who you think might be interested (we provide some template text).
Talk to us on our Discord in the #replay-review-beta channel for support and feedback.
Tell your students to talk to us on our Discord in the #replay-review-beta channel for support and feedback!

Training Videos

Coach Videos
Student Videos

Replay Reviews in Coach Handbook

Known Issues

Video Editor:
You can only add a timestamped drawing if you include text.
Drawing tools are basic. We’ll make them look better, promise.
The mobile experience is not fully supported; we recommend you stick with desktop for the best experience.
Lesson Setup: There’s no way to set a minimum number of matches to be reviewed (for example, if you want student only to send 3+ matches for you to review at one time).
Student Dashboard: Completed Replay Reviews do not appear at the top of the Dashboard to inform students when the review was completed by their coach.
After a Replay Review has been completed and delivered to the student, coaches and students are not informed when additional comments are posted.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I announce and market this to my students?
Message students you think might be a good fit for Replay Reviews on Discord or through Metafy chat. Check out some sample language here:
Announce it on Twitter! Check out some sample language and customized media you can use, also here:
Use Twitch!
Talk about Replay Reviews while on stream.
Live stream while doing Replay Reviews on Metafy (if your student is ok with it). We have a Metafy Twitch banner you can use, also also here:
Make a YouTube video announcing that you are doing Replay Reviews on Metafy.

What wording should I use to set up my Replay Review lesson type?
Here are some recommendations to get your started, but put this in your own voice.
Lesson Title:
“Replay Reviews” should work - or whatever you think connects with your audience for your game
Also consider “Replay Reviews - Beta,” so your students know to expect some bugs.
Delivery Time: Set a time that fits with your typical schedule. Also, consider whether you want to encourage your students to send just one match at a time, or multiples. If you want several matches, make sure your Delivery Time reflects this.
“You upload replays of your matches. I’ll review each match with timestamped comments and screen markups to show tips, where you did well, and areas for improvement.
You can help me out in a couple of ways:
Add your own comments in the video before submitting with any areas you want me to focus on.
If you are sending a single, continuous video with lots of matches, please timestamp the beginning of each match you want me to review.
Possible addition, if relevant to how you want to batch your work: “Please only send me three or more matches to review at a time. If you only purchase and submit fewer than that, I will message you and we may need to redo the booking.”

How should I price my Replay Reviews?
Think about how much time a typical review will take for you, and how long a match for your game might take. For example:
A Super Smash Bros. Ultimate match might last five minutes, and you might take a total of 10 minutes watching the video and adding comments/markups. How much is 10 minutes of your time worth??
A League of Legends match might last 45 minutes. Because there is some dead time, but also you will spend time on comments/markups, it may still end up taking ~45 minutes to complete a Replay Review of one match. How much is 45 minutes of your time worth??
Also, feel free to to reach out and we can help advise you on setting pricing for this based on your live coaching options. We got you. 🤜🤛

What if I run into any bugs, blockers, or problems I don’t know how to deal with?
Hit us up in your super exclusive #replay-review-beta Discord channel and we will respond ASAP.
Jump into onsite Help, on and ask.

What if I just don’t like how something works, and have an idea to make it better?
Don’t be shy! Let us know in the #replay-review-beta Discord channel and we’ll see what we can do. The purpose of the Beta is to better learn about you and your students’ needs, and to make this the best possible experience.

What if I have a student who doesn’t know how to capture their gameplay?
We got you covered! Pass along this link: .
You can also send them to this (although it’s right there in the Recording Instructions link).
We’re going to do our best to integrate this into the student dashboard to make this process clear.

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