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A Template to Auto-Generate Legal Docs
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Use Coda to Save Time Drafting Templatized Agreements

Our Coda template is designed to streamline the process of creating standard contracts by allowing employees to generate them as Word files without legal department involvement. This self-serve tool frees up legal team members to focus on more complex legal matters while ensuring all necessary legal requirements are met. By automating the contract creation process, companies can maximize efficiency and reduce the time and resources spent on routine legal tasks.
Here’s an example using this template to create a Creator Agreement with a TikTok influencer:

⚡ To generate a new Sample Agreement:

Add a new row to the table below.
Fill in with counterparty name, description of services, deadline and price.
Click “Download Word Doc” button.
Make sure you allow pop-ups.
This won’t work until you’ve installed the Export to Word pack.
After you have downloaded your Word Doc, check the “Generated” box.
Generate Word Doc
Counterparty Legal Entity
Description of Services
Deadline for Services
Download Word Doc
Hoppin LLC
Design work for new office, including light fixtures and foliage
June 16, 2023
Download Word Doc
Widget Corp.
100 widgets
July 7, 2023
Download Word Doc
Next, Inc.
Warehouse services for Company swag
July 27, 2023
Download Word Doc
There are no rows in this table
Template Doc
Template Doc
Sample Contract.docx
There are no rows in this table

🏗️ How to Customize for Your Use Case

Prepare your template by inserting placeholders with curly brackets for all the variable fields.
Ex. “Counterparty will use commercially reasonable efforts to complete the Services by {Deadline}.”
Replace the file in the with your template.
Update the columns in the table so there’s one for each variable in your template.
Add any additional columns as needed.
Install the .
The Export to Word Pack is a developed by . It costs $4/Doc Maker/Month, and you will also have the option to trial the pack for 14 days. If you are an Enterprise customer, please reach out to your AE for a negotiated price.
Install Pack.gif
Update the button in the “Generate” column to match the placeholders in your doc.
Open “Button options”.
Insert the file name you would like your generated agreements to have.
Match the exact variable term you inserted within the curly brackets in your template with the column that information should be populated with (type “=” to open formula builder and find the right column). Add or delete columns as necessary.
After you’re done with the updating, you can hide the “Generate” column.
Screen Recording.gif
If you want to start from scratch, you can also refer to .

Use Case Ideas

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