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The Truth About Pricing - Supporting Materials

Let's get brainy! 馃
These materials are an accompaniment to Melina Palmer鈥檚 third book, The Truth About Pricing: How To Apply Behavioral Economics So Customers Buy. There are a lot of tasks, activities, terms, and questions throughout the book, so these resources have been created to help you be as effective as possible in implementing what you learn. This document is created in Coda so it can evolve over time (we all know how important change is!) and as new content is created across The Brainy Business catalog, links and details will be reflected here.
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NOTE: The Pricing Mastery Checklist is set up so you can copy the document, save it and use it locally (without impacting anyone else who is accessing the template). If for some reason you have any issues with the template or the documents here, please email for support.

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