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The Customer-First Toolkit: How I meet 500+ customers a year as a CEO
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Company events

Events team: Help the CEO make the most of a cocktail party with a tracker table.
My approach to company events
At Gainsight, we host a TON of events—from our annual Pulse event to CXO Summit to our Pulse World Tour to Pulse Europe—you name it, we do it.
I always try to have some prepared questions to help get feedback from clients I speak with:
“What did you see or hear today that was the most valuable?”
“What part of the product is driving the best outcomes for you right now?”
“What recently released feature from Gainsight are you the most excited about?”
“If you had a magic wand to make us do whatever you want, what part of the roadmap would you have us work on next?”
How to make the most of a cocktail hour
I see the cocktail party during these events as a great opportunity to hear from clients in an ad hoc fashion. Like the questions above, it never hurts to prepare.
Events team: Identify event attendees that I should connect with and add them to the table below with a note on priority. Include any additional background or preferred questions that I might ask that individual.
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