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Advisory Board

Chief of Staff: Help facilitate strategic decision-making.
My approach to Advisory Board outreach
Like most companies, we’ve identified a list of our top strategic clients for our advisory boards. I use the term as a plural, since we realized we need multiple boards as we grow. We have one Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) that helps guide the company overall. We have separate boards to advise us on new product (e.g., our ), on our technology (e.g., for our Gainsight administrators at our clients) and on our delivery (e.g., for our Professional Services team).
For our SABs, we decided to host them in person when our clients are together. I’ve found that the strategic discussions are harder to hold remotely, no matter how great the video technology is. Our top client execs typically attend our Pulse event in San Francisco and our annual CXO Summit. In addition, many of them go to TSIA’s twice-a-year events. So we pick a lunch spot during these four events to bring people together.
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*Cancelled due to Covid-19.
How to queue up Advisory Board meetings
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Thu, Sep 23
​10:00 AM
350 Bay St., Suite 100
San Francisco
Advisory board meeting
Thu, Sep 23
​10:00 AM
350 Bay St., Suite 100
San Francisco
Advisory board meeting
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