MeetMyBrian Changelog

We’re always making changes and improvements to MeetMyBrian.


1 November 2022
Completed and deployed some bug fixes successfully.
UI/UX side started fixing and tweaking. your valuable suggestions.
Added visitor sign-in app info (QR code and passcode) for easy access.
Added some helpful filter options in Advanced Filter.
Passcode editing options are enabled for the customers using our "Visitor Sign-in App".
The Visitor Sign-in App is also updated with some minor bugs.
Temporary visitors will be automatically checked out(based on the checked-in time condition) if someone forgets to check out.
PDF size changed to A4 for easy printing.
To cancel an upcoming visit, please click the “Delete” icon in the “” page. Rescheduling or changing visit type is not currently supported.
Help and support articles are updated with the latest info for the Visitor Sign-in app.


9 August 2022
Added delete option in the visitor diary pop up for the additional visitor (Care home side).
Other known bugs fixed.


27 July 2022
Generated QR code & Passcode for residents and families
Minor bugs fixed.
Overall performance improved.


13 July 2022
New landing page launched. Visit us at
New chat option implemented. Now you can chat with us when needed.
Additional visitors now can be “none”. Settings tweaked.


1 July 2022
Minor bug fixes.
UI enhancements.


1 July 2022
Dedicated for care homes and relatives added.
Implementation of UI changes for the Family side started.
A faster way to communicate with families - Group Email feature added. Now you can send emails much quicker than you had. All the families/visitors registered with MeetMyBrian will get instant notifications with just one click.
New features added on to our sign-in app which is available at and . MeetMyBrian sign-in app technology enhances the safety and security of your care home while ensuring regulatory compliance!

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