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Lemonade Stand Game | Event & Competition

Host a fun and educational business game competition for students (and teachers too)!

This is the perfect event to introduce entrepreneurship in one or more classes or schools or to recruit students to your school or business program.

Video demo of Lemonade Stand
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Flexible Scheduling — Run your event for 1 hour, multiple hours, or over several days (maximum 7 days).
Easy Setup — We will set up the game and leaderboard for you. You promote the event and guide participants to play.
In-Person or Online — Participants can play the game from anywhere there is Internet access.
Synchronous or Asynchronous — Participants can play at the same time or at different times.
Hundreds Can Play — Up to 100 lemonade stands can compete with each run by 1 player or teams of 2 or 3 (sitting together).
Devices — The game can be played on computers, Chromebooks, or tablets with nothing to install — plays in a browser.
Full Privacy — Participants do not have to create accounts with personal information — no sharing of email or other sensitive information.

Event Examples

1 Classroom, 1 Hour — Run the event in a single classroom with your students and guests.
1 Classroom, Multiple Days — Run the event in a single classroom with your students and guests — play 20 minutes or more each day on designated days.
1 Room, Drop-In, 1 Hour — Participants can drop in and play for 30-60 minutes during the 1-hour event.
1 Room, Drop-In, Half Day — Participants can drop in and play for 30-60 minutes (and leave) — announce winners at the end of the event.
Online, 1 Hour — Run the event online during a designated hour — participants can play from anywhere during this time.
Online, Multiple Days — Run the event online during a designated period of days — participants can play any time while the event is open.
Any combination is possible — online, offline, synchronous, asynchronous, 1 hour to days.

Design the Event

Location of the event.
Devices to be used (computers, Chromebooks, or tablets).
Start and end times of the event.
Consider if participants will play individually or in teams or both. Teammates must sit together and share one device as one player.
Duration of gameplay — see below.
Player Names and privacy — see below.
Consider if prizes will be awarded.

Duration of Gameplay

The game begins with a walkthrough tutorial that takes about 10 minutes to complete. Participants do not require any other preparation to play.
Students can progress through the game as quickly or slowly as they like — if you are awarding prizes you should identify a minimum number of simulation days required in order to qualify.
You can set a maximum number of simulation days to play to keep results fair (because the longer you play, the more profit and cash that can be earned).
Play Time Required
Simulation Days in the Game
30 Minutes
1 Hour
2 Hours
3 Hours
There are no rows in this table

Player Accounts & Privacy

The MediaSpark team will provide you with 100 usernames to give out to players.
You will also be provided with access to an instructor account where you can monitor and manage the competition.
When a player logs in with their username for the first time, they will be prompted to enter their name or ID. This name or ID is what you need to track their progress. If you prefer to maintain 100% privacy, you can assign aliases for players to enter.
The leaderboard available on your instructor account will display player names or IDs. The leaderboard available to players is anonymous and will not show names or IDs— the public link to this leaderboard is — players can choose their GROUP number to see their competition.

Promote the Event

Promote the event to your target participants.
Consider creating a one-page website. This can be done using a Google document (share as website) or a free website builder (like or )
Consider creating an online group where you can communicate with participants before, during, and after the event.
Consider how participants will register to participate.
Download Posters & Certificates— add your event details and print:
GoVenture Event
17.3 MB

Host the Event

Provide all players with the Instructions for Players see below
Provide each player or team with one unique Username.
Provide all players with the same Group Number to join and play.
Use your instructor website to monitor player performance — > Entrepreneur Basic > GROUPS & REPORTS
Leaderboard— You may choose to show the leaderboard from your instructor website (Privacy Warning— this shows player names).
Award prizes
Player forgets Username or Password
Use your instructor website to recover usernames and reset passwords— all under the MANAGE STUDENTS button.
Player runs out of cash (bankrupt) or wants to try again — Simulation Reset
You can reset a simulation to allow a player to start over again using your instructor website. Choose GROUPS & REPORTS then RESET STUDENT.

Instructions for Players

Copy and edit these instructions to match your event structure:
About the Event
You will play a simulation called GoVenture Entrepreneur.
You will be running a lemonade stand business.
You may play up to _____ simulation days or a maximum of ______ minutes.
The top prizes are awarded to the players with the highest amount of CASH.
Additional prizes are awarded to players with ______.
The competition starts on _______ and ends on _______.
How to Play
You will be provided with one username for you and your team and only one person should use this username.
Go to and log in by entering the username.
You will be prompted to set a new password— go ahead and do that. If you forget your password, ask the instructor to reset it.
Log in and join the Group Number provided to you.
A tutorial will walk you through how to play.
Have fun!
Share this event URL—
This event service is provided by using the business simulation.

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