GoVenture Life & Money (Personal Finance) | Getting Started

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Follow the directions below to get started, but first watch this 8 minute demo video for instructors —

A more detailed tutorial video is available further in this document. Note that Personal Finance and Life & Money are similar products.

1 Create your ACCOUNT using the KEY provided to you

Use this direct link:
Follow the full path by going to (in Texas)
or (all other regions)

2 Log in with your Username and Password

pasted image 0.png

3 Review the Instructor Dashboard

pasted image 0.png

4 Review the Instructor & Student Resources

On the Instructor Dashboard, click
pasted image 0.png
to view the Learning Guide,
eWorkbook, Videos, Instructor Guide, and more!

5 Create a Group

To play the simulation right away, you may skip the rest of this step 5 and use Group Number 3998304
On the Instructor Dashboard, click GROUPS AND REPORTS then click CREATE NEW GROUP
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Groups allow you to keep student performance results separated by class, school, region, or any other grouping that you prefer. You can create different Groups with unique settings. Students need a Group number to play the simulation. Without a Group number, students can create login accounts and access tutorials and guides, but they cannot play.
Follow the on-screen directions to choose your Group settings. And then copy the GROUP NUMBER (7-digit number). You will share the Group number with your students so that they can connect with you. Instructors can also use the Group number to play as a student.

6 Play as a Student

To play as a student and to see what students see, on the Instructor Dashboard, click PLAY AS STUDENT.
pasted image 0.png
Then join the GROUP NUMBER you created.
pasted image 0.png
Click the buttons to play.
pasted image 0.png

7 Set Up Students

For K-12 Instructors

Instructors can create student accounts as they need them. Click the MANAGE STUDENTS button on your Instructor DASHBOARD. Students do not have to disclose any personally identifiable information.
When an instructor creates a student account, a unique USERNAME is generated for the student. The USERNAME is a multidigit number that is automatically generated — the instructor cannot choose the number.
The instructor provides the USERNAME to the student and directs the student to log in to the GoVenture website at
GoVenture will determine when this is a new USERNAME being used for the first time and prompt the student to set a PASSWORD and their name or student ID or pseudonym (if maximum privacy is preferred). No personally identifiable information is required of students. But, it is important that students use a unique identifier that allows the instructor to know who they are for monitoring and grading purposes. Alternatively, the instructor can manually record student names with their assigned USERNAMES.
The student uses their personal USERNAME and PASSWORD to log in to GoVenture.
Instructors can reset student PASSWORDS if needed.

For College Instructors and Other Trainers

Students set up and manage their own accounts.
Students must purchase or be given Subscription Keys to create their accounts.

8 Monitor Students

To return to the Instructor Dashboard, click the MENU button
pasted image 0.png
From the Instructor Dashboard, you can monitor and manage Groups and the individual students within each Group. School Districts also have access to a District Dashboard that allows centralized user management.
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9 Tutorial Video

This detailed video will help you understand how all of the GoVenture resources should best be used so that you can be efficient in your learning strategy. This video is for both teachers and students.
Teachers should also review the Curriculum Guide that shows scope and sequence recommendations — it is available in the Instructor Guide.
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