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J-WEL AI Knowledgebase

A Guide to MIT's AI Resources: Empowering You to Explore and Learn
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a significant topic of discussion in various sectors, including education, business, and national defense. It’s tempting to compare AI’s rise with past tech disruptions like the .com boom, social media, and smartphones. However, AI is more akin to knowledge revolutions like written language, the printing press, and the internet. These revolutions transformed how humans create, process, store, and disseminate knowledge. AI is likely to have a similar impact.
However, the speed of tech normalization may make us underestimate AI’s significance. Drawing a parallel with the printing press, its impact unfolded over a century, contributing to the Renaissance, the Scientific Revolution, and the Reformation. Similarly, AI’s state in 45 years will likely be unrecognizable from today.
Understanding AI now is crucial, especially as it emulates human cognitive, communication, and social interactions. Like previous revolutions, AI will bring both positive and negative impacts, and managing these impacts is our responsibility.
To aid understanding, we’ve created a repository of resources from MIT on AI. It covers foundational science, future predictions, and deep dives into various areas. This resource aims to empower you to be an informed user and leader in AI. We regularly update it with new offerings to help you find what you need.

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