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Sonoma Canvassing Lead Guide

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Door Knocking

What does it take to lead door knocking?

It’s not supposed to be hard to lead a canvassing section! Thank you so much for helping out. This doc will hopefully answer most of your questions and walk you through the process. It’s meant as a guide to help, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

Who do you have for support?

You can reach out to
@Matthew Zirbel
or Michelle for any general support and guidance
If you have any questions about the outreach guide, reach out to Matthew or Curtis
If you need help organizing carpools, reach out to Carla Cabral
If you need any specific tech help, reach out to
@Matthew Zirbel
or Alex Taylor



A week or so before the event
Take a look at for the next week, and find the time you’d like to lead a session. Ideally we’d like to have them on weekday evenings, around 5-8, and weekends between 10am and 8pm. Less overlap is good so that people who have plans on most days are able to find a regular time to attend
@Antonelle Racelis
know the date, time frame, and location you’d like to host your event and she’ll include it in
Recommended: Make a signal chat and let Antonelle know to include the invite link in the calendar event
Then, invite some people! We’re trying not to reach out to the same people too much but it’s ok if some people have already been invited to a different event
Send out the to anyone who hasn’t gone through a training
A couple days before the event
Make sure everyone’s familiar with the
Get turf list from Curtis
Make sure you have all the materials you need - can coordinate with Curtis to have it picked up in advance unless the event is being run from the house
A day before the event
Door Knocking: Send out the to get them ready
Be sure to confirm the day before or the day of with everyone who says they’re coming. People will often flake if they aren’t DM’d with a reminder of the event the next day
Remind people to charge their phones

Running the Event

Briefing Materials

Things that are always available at the house:
Campaign lit
Painter’s Tape
Clipboards or bags to hold material
Picture booklet
Yes on J Shirts
These may be available at the house, but should check with Curtis or Rocky:
Extra battery pack for phone (optional)
Water/snacks (optional for events less than 2 hours)
Sunscreen (optional)

Getting Ready

Anyone who doesn’t own a Yes on J shirt already should be given one. This does not include people who own one but aren’t wearing it
Make sure everyone is on brand with their attire: No political messaging other than Yes on J, solid color shirts are fine, casual is fine but no sweatpants. We’re not soliciting, so we don’t need to avoid houses with No Soliciting signs. However, we still can’t enter gated communities with signage to keep us out
For anyone who doesn’t have enough experience, assign them a buddy to shadow for a couple interactions, then have their buddy shadow them. They should be able to go over their interactions and improve
Make sure every group has tape, leaflets, and a the measure J picture book; as well as a clipboard and water if they want


Start with an inspiring speech about Measure J, what we’re doing and why
Remind people not to put tape on paint
Remind people to never put things in mailboxes or open mailboxes (federal crime)
Role play at least one conversation, preferably two
Give people and end meeting location and time
People who are up to speed and familiar with VAN can get sent their turf
For people who are not up to speed:
Set people up with the MiniVAN app, and make sure they know how to use it. There is a
Extra reminder to not put tape where it might pull off paint, and not touch mailboxes
Make sure everyone who isn’t ramped up on outreach has read through the Voter outreach guide. Additionally, walk through with them to get them ready
Take attendance on ADB or relay attendees first and last name to
@Antonelle Racelis
to take attendance
Write the event name as ‘CEFF’ ie “CEFF Doorknocking” and put type as ‘outreach’ event
To get access to ADB if planning on hosting multiple events, please contact Antonelle


Talk to everyone who came, hear about how it went and what conversations did well and what did badly. It’s important that everyone feels good and supported, and that even negative experiences are contextualized in a positive framing around the door knocking event
Remind everyone to fill out the
Invite people to upcoming events


Make sure that yourself and all volunteers fill out the . If anyone has any thoughts on the conversation process, be sure to put it in there
If you have any additional thoughts on the process, reach out to Curtis
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