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IJ Start Canon to Setup Printer Now

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How To IJ Start Canon to Setup

If you recently purchased a printer, you must configure it using . Whether you are a novice or seasoned user of Canon printers, you must go to the company's official website. It provides the most cutting-edge and effective printing services, facilitating manufacturing and producing astounding prints. When you buy a new printer or re-setup your current printing device, the first thing you need to do is download the printer driver from
Discover the most effective method for downloading Canon printer drivers by going to Anytime you need to print a document, piece of paper, or a photo, or even if you want to scan, fax, and do more, Canon printers are the best choice. To get advanced printing features, will force you to learn how to set up a Canon printer. See and take the steps listed below to finish setting up your Canon iJ printer with WiFi, USB, Bluetooth, and other connectivity options.

How to Use to Download the Canon Printer Driver

You must proceed with the procedure of downloading the Canon printer drivers in order to carry out all required actions . The platform for obtaining the driver download link is Canon. Due to the user-friendly interface of our portal, you can easily obtain the download link. You must, however, adhere to the guidelines listed below if you want to prevent making a mistake or running into difficulties in the process.
Opening any desired web browser is the initial stage in the procedure. Update the browser if necessary, and then carry on.
Now, enter "" into the empty address box. The Printer Driver download box will appear after you finish typing the URL and press the Enter key.
After that, select the "Setup" option.
You are prompted to look for your product in the following ij.start.cannon window that appears on your screen. You must enter the product name of the printer whose driver you wish to download in the space provided. After entering the name, click "Go."
Observation: If you are unsure about the model name of your printer, move over to it and check the front or upper panel. There must be printing of the model name.
The download link will then appear in the centre of your screen. You must choose your operating system before moving on to download the printer driver.
It is crucial to choose the right operating system since it will enable the user to access a link to the appropriate application. Therefore, click the inverted triangle-shaped tab in the top-right corner. From the list of choices, pick the OS.
Select "Download" from the tabs. The download for your setup file will begin. For a while, the process will continue. Depending on how quickly the internet connection is, the time may change.

How to Setting Up a Canon IJ Printer

The answer for quick and simple Canon printer driver download is ij.start canon. IJ Start Canon makes it simple to install and configure a Canon inkjet printer so that you get top-notch printing output. Follow the simple instructions below to set up an IJ printer.
Start by inserting the power cable into the printer cable connectors on the printer's rear.
After that, turn on the switch and plug the other end into a home outlet.
Then activate this printer's power by pressing the power button.
In addition, you will observe that the green light will begin flickering before becoming solid after a short period of time.
The LCD will then display a language selection prompt; choose your preferred language (English is the default).
Click "OK" after selecting the language, and then it will tell to install ink cartridges. Detach the cover.
To access the two slots left and right where the colour and black ink cartridges are located, you must first open the small cabinet under the front cover.
After that, remove the orange tape from the ink cartridges' container.
Additionally, insert it and push it up. The black cartridge should be on the right side and the colour cartridge should be on the left.
The printer will then restart itself after you close the cover. After it has finished resetting itself, we can hear the sound.
Place the paper in the input tray after that, which slides out a little bit from this position. The paper size can also be altered.
After that, push the input tray after sliding the paper into it.
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