Record with screenshare only for OpenAI, and only do OpenAI work (to make them shareable with OpenAI team if that b useful)
Record timelapse with iSpy

figure out how to do more openai on my phone
maybe post about Petrov day
make podcast

Karim offered to work 10 hours per week for free
create youtube channel for my private livestreams
check google account or just youtube channel would be suspended
social media
Lucky to have so many offer to live with someone
Pantask at cost
update header
maybe add social media
maybe remove readings? add on writing page maybe?
maybe merge resume and services under “Hire me”?
maybe put art under social media??
find someone to buy 100 usd mexcian amazon gift card (Carissa could buy a gift card to give with it)

think about what to do with all business ideas; maybe plan to eventually do one; maybe document some online for others to do(???)

livestream checklist
presentation checklist
how to remember to look at my checklists
Social media
post about transhumanist salon
post about identity turing test
post about AI presentation
AI presentation followup
ask for contact info
think about prizes, talk, TED talks, workshop to do at the conference (deadline is sept. 18)

Assistant invoices
Client invoices
Buy wide lense webcam; maybe IR
write why am not working on ai safety
maybe make a survey about it
Social media
post about transhumanist talk
post about talk
post about back up
then edit bio
Activate credit cards
Find card that works more places in Mexico
Plan Quebec trip
Talk with Carissa
Buy flight

After tomorrow

(1h) Networking
(30m) Create stalking pipeline for assistants
X’s income
i think it's recommended changing job more often in programming because
i'll ask tips from Nic Lacombe and Karim; they might know
find side work
Sperm donation
Post profile for Quebec
Find a cheap place to live near Thane’s school
(1.5h) Social media
Create system, and check where our followers are at
(1h) 1 OnlyFans post
(1h) Cryonics ICE
Send ice ref to
if any of my writings has nudged you towards signing up for cryonics with Alcor, my own referral code is: 2omojQif ☺ (it'll give you a 50% discount); don't hesitate to PM me with any questions
prepare mobile phone task for Mariana
(30m) Lifelogging
Try to fix Backblaze
Check app to take timelapses on my webcam (maybe iSpy? Spyrix?)
Read at least one section of the PDF
(30m) Productivity
Have an assistant send me a daily report of my productivity
Update Clockify
Check how much I owe Cat for zir referrals
Write and send my STI protocole

i shouldnt have tried to solve Wise
not worth my time
calculate EV vs expected cost first, both of doing it and of doing it now vs later
read list before discussion
time convos
bring food to eat upstairs; maybe even prepare a lunchbox like i was at work
not shower

organizing notes ongoingly is important for productivity
todos; dont accumulate too much backlog, will make it harder to close loops (because many tasks to prioritize and lost of context)
organize by categories; have notes separate from todos
have system to archive notes, and just keep what’s active in main repository
social running
likely not leave when you want
likely time before and after
likely new unplanned things

Tasks to add
create system for lifelogging for assistants
timelapses in the living room
social media post
playing with thane pretending to be a dog pretending to be a human
stalk Lionheart Capital; including Mark Z, Khosla ventures, Demis, etc
consider sending Fanthom Radiant to new email addresses
consider sending Sherbrook prof cie to new email addresses

When choosing tasks
check tasks in emails too

Il y a des entreprises comme Redwood qui peuvent obtenir des H-1Bs sans limites grâce à leurs statuts comme “entreprise recherche” mais c’est pas le cas tous les organisations EA malheureusement h
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