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Ideal day


→ what’s the next step on each big project

(7h mode) (6h average)
maybe add 1h for skill-up
1 task
Start of day
wake up / start working 9:00a (-15m/day)
list short tasks, especially those about putting the ball in someone else’s court, and prioritize those
record timelapse with iSpy
Duty standby (mostly pull/emails based)
(1h) Ongoing tasks
( posts)
2h: Maintenance
9h: Sleep
1h: Other (talking with family, relaxing, fun, etc.)
SD with polygenic screening
(aim ~30m)
share notes with Eric
(aim ~30m)
(aim ~30m) Stasis Foundation
help set-up cryo org
(aim ~20m)
Consider advocating for delaying having children
(aim ~30m) Then
Maybe search for large EA client
prepare my grieving process
Cryonics: maybe if i kept preserved family members in a tank at home, it would address some of their concerns
such as not knowing where they would wake up
being afraid of being revived in a bad world
AI networking and AI investing (check my note from Jan 2023 goals doc)
consider proxy metrics
consider decreasing the end of the day for OpenAI
maybe track fraction of time worked between beginning and 7h mark for OpenAI each day
have the house be in a certain ways (all tabs closed, all batteries charged, etc.)
maybe once i’m at inbox 0, then i can think of adding a new goal
maybe split ongoing from one time projects on Clockify (like one lifelogging project just for the ongoing stuff)
think of projects to do with Hunter or Karim
Look at my timer when eating
if meeting: agenda + exit strat
come up with plan for what to do when fail
come up with plan to keep events contained (bounty?)
try to stop coffee by 4p
dim screen (especially blue light) and turn off lights before bed (like 9p)
do bedtime routine early with Thane (<9:30p)
i lose my momentum after bedtime routine
during day i should just have a quick meal (like cans and tins), and only keep bigger meal for evening
cryo: share info about med friend interested in cryo
productivity: have my desk facing the window (both upstairs and downstairs)
productivity: things i do daily which i could reduce the time it takes
transferring files from computer (i.e. especially how often i need to)
productivity review
Proxy goal: maximum length worked straight

March goals
Decide what to do in terms of safety and capabilities
Learn API
Open US bank account
Personal and Pantask taxes
Get married
Submit immigration paper
Do all evidence of marriage (insurance, etc.)
Improve work set-up
Buy new laptop
Sperm donation:
Advertise (see: )

Before immigrating
track pee to get dr’s input ()

alt. r/p: text2audio
win+no: open software

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