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Repô: Uma plataforma para repositórios de UX Research

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The constant growth of the technology market has been causing several impacts over the last few years, not only on the job market but also on society at all. Given this context, new professions emerge, existing jobs branch out and gain capillarity, as well as some careers cease to exist. In this scenario, UX and UI Design careers began to show greater demand in the market and with the growth of their teams, these professionals started to present a higher specialization in their work, leading to the growth of areas such as UX Writing, UX Research, Product Design, UX Strategy etc. With the increase in demand for user experience research (UX Research) and its incorporation into the routine of several companies, the need for solutions to centralize the collected learning has also increased, with the UX Research repository being one of the solutions, avoiding the loss of relevant information and also enhancing the possibility of consumption and application of this information. It is from this need that the current project was conceived, seeking the structuring and development of a UX Research repository, a latent demand among professionals in this area. The course conclusion project was planned in four stages based on the Double Diamond framework: discover, define, develop, deliver. Resulting in the development of information architecture, navigation flows, personas and finally the navigable prototype of the idealized interface. The developed repository allows research to be registered and its monitored, as well as the data collected to be submitted to the structure proposed by the Atomic Research framework, providing a more efficient consumption of the results obtained in user experience researches.
Keywords: UX Research; Repository; UX Design; UI Design; Atomic Research.
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