Year-end Mindfulness Workshop for Teachers

Year-end Mindfulness 2.png

Simple practices to bring peace and calm during your holiday season

Join Project Marigold, a cooperative community of teachers and education professionals, for a series of mindfulness workshops to help you find your inner balance as our eventful year comes to a close.
You can choose to drop into individual sessions or sign up for the series.

What we'll cover

This is an interactive workshop that introduces a variety of evidence-based mindfulness techniques complemented by open time to share and ask questions. Participants will learn and practice:
Various approaches for greater awareness, self-care, and resilience
Mindfulness of the breath, body, and senses
Compassion and self-compassion practices
Relationship of emotions and thoughts

Project Marigold Teacher Community Access

Project Marigold is a cooperative community of teachers and educational professionals coming together to support each other in their challenges and growth.
All Year-end Mindfulness workshop attendees will also get free member access to the Project Marigold teacher community ($120 value).

About Kate

“Kate embodies mindfulness with her gentle energy. She is an attentive, engaging, empathetic, and well-studied practitioner."
“Kate has the natural gifts of a great mindfulness provider: a warm heart and genuine kindness added to her integrity and discipline."
"Each time she runs a workshop with our volunteers, she transforms lives. Kate Savage heals and invigorates."
Kate Savage is a Certified Mindfulness Teacher who has designed and led mindfulness retreats and classes for public and private schools, medical and mental health settings, businesses and non-profits, and city employees.
Over her decades-long teaching career, she has taught adults, university students, those in at-risk youth programs, and students in public and independent schools.


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