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Children of Uganda Campaign Strategy


Pharmacy Fred - Hand sanitizer
Eva - Grows coffee and animals, started with very little, and has her own plantation now. Jay-Z of Uganda.
Kareem > How their new life is before

The cycle of poverty continues…unless we act.
The majority of guardians lack formal education, adequate technical skills, business know-how and access to financial capital.
Many mothers are also raising children who are not biologically their own
some orphaned by HIV/AIDS
sent away from home due to extreme poverty
rescued from abusive situations.
Social equity and social justice. Physical and emotional abuse.
Abuse. Couldn’t start training until she had counseling.
Vulnerability, poverty, pregnancy, hunger. Lack of resources, education, and income-generating products. Addressing abuse with counseling.
Results in being harder on the kids.
Unsafe community.
We can only build our world from the tools we’ve been given. COU helping provide the tools to build your own
Break the cycle. Colonialism.

The things we consider our safety nets in the United States are luxuries in Uganda.
Our safety net here can be thrown across the pond to support our neighbors.

Thank you so much for getting this women and her fami
Even when someone gives you the opportunity, sometimes you’re paralyzed
What we do is a universal problem. Hunger, abuse, etc. These are all things we have safety nets for in the United States, but not in Uganda. We provide a safety net to break these changes.
A healthy Africa is the healthy US
Universal > We are brothers and sisters. Our safety net here can be thrown across the pond.
Pass the torch in them.
Basic human rights. Just because I have privilege, doesn’t mean those people shouldnt. The same opportunities should be granted to them. Think of all the kids that could come up with a cure for ______. There’s a child with the ability to fix it if they’re given the opportunity and choice. Setting the foundation to rise.

Pamela defaults to storytelling.
Geography shouldn’t determine someone’s destiny. Mindset is a powerful thing.
We can only build our world from the tools we’ve been given. COU helping provide the tools to build your own.
Feeling like you have to stick through it.
Trauma takes on many forms. counseling.
earning an income and owning assets has the potential to protect women and girls:
from exposure to violence
sexual exploitation
abuse within and outside the home

Empowerment has the potential to increase:
negotiating power.

Generational trauma. Colonialism wiped out an entire generation. Now, COVID is trying to do the same thing.

Gender equality
Women empowerment


Old theme: Tour of Light
Focused on those who are helping themselves once they have the resources. Getting people ready and on their feet. Not reliant on us.
Theme ideas:
Music, drum, dance.
Generational storytelling.
History behind every single dance.
Council >
Boma - Sharing the Stories of Uganda
Tour of Light
Fundraiser or Virtual Benefit
Virtual Tour -
Global Boma -
Coming out of the dark
Family - home
Be the Spark and Ignite Transformation
Pass the Torch -
Light and fire connecting the pieces
setting for gathering around a fire and learning local folklore
Circle of light
Passing the Torch
Guardians and supporters
Light the Way
Transformation > empowerment analogy

Be the Spark
Lighting the Way
Passing the Torch
Ignite the Future
Igniting the Way for a Future Generation

Light the path/way forward.
Passing the Torch: A Virtual Benefit Boma for the Children of Uganda
Event name:
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