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Audiobook Business Planner

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How to use this doc

Hi, I'm Maria! When I'm not at Coda, I run a consulting practice and narrate audiobooks.
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I was finding it hard to manage projects, invoices, and schedules so I made this doc. The best part? Just one click sets up the entire work flow you'll need. Here's how it works:

1️⃣Set up

Add your project types to the section
Include any standard steps those projects have in the section
Add any new sections under the
folder based on your Project Types
Add a
for the project type
that view based on the project type (e.g. Audiobooks)
Add your revenue goals for each month in the section

2️⃣ Creating a new project

Add your new opportunities to the table
Once you mark an opportunity as "Won," Coda will take care of the rest using a handy
Coda will add the won opportunity as a Project in your
Coda will automatically create the standard tasks from your
You'll then see the project and all it's tasks in the appropriate project section
Feel free to add any tasks in the project view
You can also see everything in the section

3️⃣Logging income and expenses

Once you send an invoice, click the button in the tab to log the invoice. Coda will automatically show you any overdue invoices in the table in the
Once you have an expense, click the button in the section
Feel free to upload an image of the receipt in the Receipt column

4️⃣ Using the Dashboard

Use the section to see all tasks due that week and any overdue tasks that need your attention
Use the to see your progress toward revenue goals and revenue distribution
Use the to get a high level view of your progress

5️⃣ Audiobook production space

This space allows you to organize character and pronunciation notes
Click the Create another book workspace button on the page
Add the chapters to the chapter table
If a new character shows up, just start typing their name in the column and they will be added to your characters table
Add any character details to the character table with notes on age, gender, vocal quality
For voice samples, either use the attach file column for a wav file or add a hyperlink to your dropbox, box, or google drive
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