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All-in-one Freelancer Task and Client Manager

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Welcome to the Freelancer Hub!

Streamline task and client management all in one place

⭐ What does this doc do?

This doc combines task and client management into one streamlined process so you can focus on the actual work, not the administration. The best part? Nothing will fall through the cracks.
See all your weekly tasks on the page
Track your sales pipeline and revenue goals in the
Manage your prospects and clients in the section
Track your income and expenses in
Track your to do’s by project type in the
Organize your knowledge and resources in the
Set up your weekly and monthly
Automatically creates tasks when you get a project

🎨 Setup and customize this doc

Once you customize the doc, it will run on autopilot. But it needs to know a few things about you first. Let’s walk through the steps.

Choose your revenue goals

Add how much money would like to make during each month in the page. The fields you need to fill out are highlighted in yellow
Add the types of projects you work on to the page and your revenue goal for each type (e.g. Website design, Logo design, Workshops)

Set up your task types

In the page, you can add the types of tasks you have in each project type. Add one task per row. For example for a workshop, I would add a row for each of the following tasks: Kick off meeting, Gather specs, Confirm location, Create presentation, Practice, Nail delivery, and Send follow up email.
In the page, add any tasks you do on a weekly or monthly basis. Coda will create these automatically for you each week/month

Make it yours

Feel free to add pages to organize your thoughts. I have a page where I keep all the different bios I need and a record to track my writing.
Change the to reflect your personality
When you’re ready, you can delete this page :)

Need more info?

I’ve included more details on each page if you need them. They’ll look like this 👇

Want to print your doc?
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Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
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