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Getting Started

A doc to help plan, track, and manage a home remodel
A remodel project is both exciting and exhausting. There’s a lot of moving parts, and tasks to complete. We used a version of this doc to manage our process, and it made all the difference. Here’s how it works:
1️⃣ As you talk to potential vendors, add them to the page. You’ll be able to add communication logs, and track decisions here too.
2️⃣ Track all of the things you need to buy on the page.
3️⃣ As you find items that inspire you, add them in the page.
4️⃣ Track the actual expenses and your progress toward budget in the page.
5️⃣ Upload images of your progress in the page.
6️⃣ Lastly, track all of the tasks and owners in the page.

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