Top 6 WordPress SEO Mistakes You Must Avoid

If you are using WordPress for your company website, then you must know that it is the most commonly used CMS platform. This system holds the position of fifty to sixty percent of the global market of the content management system. It has users in USA Today, New York Post, and CNN. Other than these big websites, there are several smaller webpages that use the platform.
The good part about WordPress that it provides users some beneficial tools that make content creation easy. However, users have to know how to use the same. If you want to know how to improve your SEO through this content management system and avoid mistakes, you can read about the 6 tips use to improve search engine rankings.
Keyword stuffing:
You have content to create and for that, you have to use specific and relevant keywords. Even though you are not using content, you have to rank your keywords. By this people will get interested in your services or products you are offering. However, when you stuff the same, it will never yield that many customers as you have expected. If you are thinking the more the merrier, it really doesn’t work in the field of WordPress SEO. You have to choose some specific number of keywords and put them in specific places.
If you go for adding the same in odd areas of the content, it will make no sense, and eventually, readers will lose interest. So, your goal is to bring more audiences when you are posting content, and to have that you must avoid stuffing the keyword ds, ad make the piece compact and readable for your audiences. Also, Google keeps track of how you use the keywords, and if there are glitches, your content will not rank higher, and you might get penalized. So, make sure your content is flawlessly created.
Ignoring Google Analytics data:
You might be thinking that your WordPress SEO is working fine, but you cannot ensure if it’s bringing you the desired results. To acknowledge that you must get the data!. Google has a free tool, that allows users of WordPress to check their traffic flow and interactions with your company website. When you get to monitor this progress, it will help you maintain track of your business objectives. You will know that the sections that need change, and the parts where you have to alter the SEO tactics. You will get to check the blogs that are performing well, and the ones you have to update.
This is a very good move as this improves the status of the previous posts, and it will bring you more conversion rates than the new content you have published. The best thing with Google analytics is, that it offers you information about the audiences you get. You can keep track of the location, gender, age, and get to know about their interests. This will help you build better strategies for WordPress strategy.
Not setting a time zone:
WordPress lets its users create a post then publish it later, as they wish to be visible online. When you don’t set the time zone, it will result in disappointment. This is because the default setting might be different from your actual time zone, and your scheduled content will not get published itself as you want it to. To set up the same you have to venture to the WordPress setting section and go to the blog’s dashboard. Reach the settings option, and from there go to the general page, and land on the time zone option. From the options, you can choose your location, the nearest city. You can also calculate the time zone, or you can take Google’s assistance.
Irregular updates:
Google monitors the bounce rate, and if this is in an increased position, your content rank will get lower. This very rate increases when content becomes out of date, and it prompts the user to close the page immediately and check for another source. If you have built some good content over the year or months, you need to keep updating those pages regularly. The moment those articles go out of date, you will lose your chance to gain a higher ranking on Google.
Moreover, you have to add relevant information when you update those contents and make them more interesting than before. This will also give you a chance to explore trending ideas and use a new set of keywords. Google prefers a website that offers users things based on demand. So when people visit your company website often, then Google will understand that your site has better value.
Not optimizing everything:
When you are posting content, you tend to overlook some parts of it and fail to optimize them. The first thing you have to know here is that you must optimize everything in your content. Starting from the keywords to the H1, H2, and H3 tags, and mend the broken links as well. You also have to optimize the images; which people forget easily.
Ignoring tags of WordPress:
WordPress has tags that sort the contents into sections. This has no impact on the SEO, but it makes it easier for your audiences to search your articles. By this, they will spend more time on your company site. When consumers look into the websites, it sends positive signs to Google, and this way you will get a better rank.
You must have a call to action part in your WordPress content. Also, you have to check the suggestion of an SEO plugin. Also, check the above-mentioned tips to avoid such mistakes again.

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