FinMango Onboarding

We want you to feel like an important part of the FinMango team right from the start! So, to help you get settled in, we've put together some info to get you started and give you a better idea of how things work around here. It won't take much time to go through, but it'll really help you feel at home as you get to know us better.

Read and sign the Volunteer Agreement

FinMango Volunteer Agreement.pdf
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💻 Gmail & Google Chat:

To communicate internally, we use a combination of email and . Occasionally, virtual meetings will be held. Those will be in the form of a Google Calendar invitation that should contain a link to the corresponding Google Meet where everyone can join.
You will be given a email address, which you should use for all FinMango-related activities. When you create a Google Calendar event and add other mangos to the guest list, the Google Meet link will be created automatically as long as you do it using your email address (including a dial-in number for the conference call so others can join using just their phone).

🧩 Coda and Google Drive:

We use
and the to keep our work organized and presentable.

🤗 Google Workspace:

All the work we do behind the scenes are done via Google products.


FinMango is on a mission to solve complex problems that endanger the financial health of young adults and vulnerable communities.


We believe in a world where everyone is financially healthy, achieved through leveraging data and tech for systems change.


Globally inclusive. We work to inspire coalitions and are, in turn, deeply inspired by those who share our passion.
Insatiably curious. We never stop learning. We deploy new knowledge to increase our capacity and to explore what might be possible.
Boldly optimistic. We pursue a better life for all with boundless passion.
Fanatically focused: We choose our work and partners intentionally based on research, data and capacity with an eye for measurable impact.
Honest and transparent: We are humble enough to recognize our own shortcomings, open enough to share our work and brave enough to shine a light on system failures.

What we expect

Always communicate. Better to be over-communicative than the opposite. Tell others what you are working on, ask lots of questions, and stay engaged.
Be dependable. If you don't think that you can commit to something, that's OK! But you will be given certain responsibilities that we trust you to fulfill.

Branding stuff

In a complex world, simple wins. We're passionate about design that works. We believe it should be beautiful and functional.

Good Reads

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