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Daily Stand-up

This is a doc Agile teams can use to help facilitate their daily stand-ups.
There are a thousand ways for Agile teams to do daily stand-ups. I tried to set out to create a Coda doc that could facilitate a streamlined method with a few goals:
Reducing time spent giving rote status updates.
Give people a safe way to signal they have a question or need some help without disrupting the stand-up.
Shift the focus away from just sharing information and towards supporting the team.

This doc facilitates a stand-up that starts with individuals on a team entering their updates asynchronously on their own. Once team members finish adding their responses, the team can review them together on the summary page. The summary page collect's everyone's entries and lets the team review updates and announcements, ask questions, or volunteer to help a teammate who may be stuck.
What I've also made a daily part of this stand-up process is a team pulse check. Regular pulse checks might provide two benefits. First, people can more accurately share this information rather than waiting for a bi-weekly retrospective. Second, it's also to encourage managers and team leads to focusing on how they can support their people rather than focus just on work-related status updates.

How This Doc is Structured

Daily Stand-up

Start by having everyone on your team enter their data individually. Things people can enter on this page includes: Updates, blockers, announcements, requests for help, and their pulse check. All fields are optional and this section resets daily.

Once all the updates are recorded, your team can asynchronously or as a group review everyone's inputs. Use the built-in features to like updates, raise your hand to signal you have a question, and volunteer to help someone on your team in need. Once you've finished review the summary, you can use the build in email function to send it to your team's distribution list for easy archiving.

All records are saved, so if you want to go back in time and review data from a previous day, you can do that on in the section.


This includes the raw tables used throughout this doc. If you want to get a raw view of the data, or reset any of the tables, you'll be able to do that in the section.
Before you start using this for your team, you may want to
Clear All Data
to reset the tables.
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