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Practice Test #1

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Frame Relay
Routing Protocols that support VLSM and are Multivendor
Commands that resolve an IP address to a domain name
Sending a Unicast Packet on Ipv4 + Ipv6
How servers can distinguish among different simultaneous services from the same host
Through the use of port numbers, TCP and UDP can establish multiple sessions between the same two hosts without creating any confusion. The sessions can be between the same or different applications, such as multiple web-browsing sessions or a web-browsing session and an FTP session.
Ethernet Cabling Standards
Password Authentication Protocol (PAP) should not be used on your network because all data is sent in clear text, including usernames and passwords.
Classes of Network Addresses
Classes of Private Network addresses
Wi-Fi standard speeds
POP3 uses TCP
Spread-Spectrum technology
Correct order for the encapsulation method
Data →segment →packet →frame →bits
Switch Functions at Layer 2
Hybrid Routing Protocols
BGP and EIGRP are considered hybrid routing protocols
Host ID after NAT
Broadcast Address Calculation
T1 Crossover Cable
A T1 cable uses pairs 1 and 2, so connecting two T1 CSU/DSU devices back-to-back requires a crossover cable that swaps these pairs. Specifically, pins 1, 2, 4, and 5 are connected to 4, 5, 1, and 2, respectively.
How do ip addresses in different subnets communicate
Location of Hosts Table
What can APIPA do
What subnet is a host currently in
Determining default gateway for specific subnets
Types of public key encryptions.
802.11x- all frequency channels
Three-way handshake process
EIGRP- What three tables in RAM are updated by Hello packets?
EIGRP holds three tables in RAM: neighbor, topology, and routing. The neighbor and topology tables are built and maintained with the use of Hello packets.
Bypass Mode
Putting a UPS in bypass mode removes the UPS from between the device and the wall output conceptually, without disconnecting it.
Both high memory and CPU utilization starvation can cause network equipment such as routers and switches to not have available resources to operate and they may therefore fail or reload.
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