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UK PGCP Bundles

UK PGCP Bundles

We’re proposing to split up our existing UK PGCP program into multiple bundles. The primary purpose of this split would be to attract a larger audience → we can onboard candidates who might have already cleared their IELTS/OET, PLAB P-1 or even their PLAB P-2, since we’ll always have bundles suited to their needs.
At this point in time, we’re waiting on real-time feedback from the Sales team to see if bundles would be a good fit.
Each bundle will have an onboarding & registration fee, this is applicable so that we get a certain fixed fee in case the client doesn’t take up the rest of the bundles or the package as a whole. This is a non-refundable component, so even if they do back out without availing any service, this amount will be deducted. This cost is deducted for the cost of customer acquisition.
As you’ll notice from the ‘Selling Price’ and the ‘Payout to Sales’ the profit margins differ widely based on the bundle we sell, this depends on a number of factors including the number of external vendors/partners we need to pay to render these services.

Bundle-1 → Work in the UK as a doctor

Selling Price: ₹35,000
Payout to Sales: ₹1,500
You can include all types of doctors including MD/MS doctors.
Consulting & guidance → Pre-PLAB, PLAB or Membership exams and other programs available in India
Discover options → Multiple pathways & opportunities in other countries for IMGs
Pathway costing evaluation & timeline planning
Connect with a UK NHS doctor → based on the level of doctor → 60-minute session
Specialty specific → Portfolio guide → based on your speciality interest
Assess your chances of getting your desired specialty in the UK
Strengths, areas to improve & goals to achieve → based on their current CV → written SWOT analysis will be provided to each candidate

Bundle-2 → Language, PLAB and Support Services

Selling Price: ₹2,25,000
Payout to Sales: ₹1,500
IELTS/OET live training course
IELTS/OET study materials
IELTS/OET mock exam
IELTS/OET exam fee included
GMC → update IELTS/OET score
GMC → account setup guidance
PLAB P-1 exam booking guidance
Subscription to PLAB-1 preparation resources
PLAB P-1 study materials
PLAB P-1 QBank
PLAB P-1 revision course
PLAB P-1 mock exam
PLAB-1 strategy → mentorship from junior doctors working in NHS
Follow-up on preparation, mock scores, readiness to write the exam
Follow-up on results and guidance on booking PLAB-2
Bundle 2 → onboarding & registration fee

Bundle-3 → PLAB-2 and Support Services

Selling Price: ₹3,00,000
Payout to Sales: ₹2,000
What’s next after passing PLAB-1?
PLAB-2 timeline planning & financial planning
PLAB-2 resources
PLAB P-2 online training course
PLAB P-2 offline training course
External mock x 1
EPIC application processing
EPIC fee included
Accommodation & airport transfer support (if required)
Airport pickup & drop support
Visa → documentation & application
Visa → appointment booking
Visa fee included → Visitor visa
Travel insurance
International SIM card
Forex support
Observership guidance
Access to observership database
Access to pre-made templates to reach out to UK Consultants
Observership guidance
Bundle 3 → onboarding & registration fee

Bundle-4 → NHS CV and Interviews

Selling Price: ₹1,75,000
Payout to Sales: ₹4,000
What next after passing PLAB 2
GMC registration process guidance
CV writing
Personal statement
CV review by junior UK physician
NHS Trac CV guidance
NHS Trac job application guidance
Interview Plus course by NHS senior physician
Portfolio CV evaluation
Mock interview
Support group till you find a job
Job offer evaluation
Bundle 4 → onboarding & registration fee

Bundle-5 → My 1st job and job visa

Selling Price: ₹1,00,000
Payout to Sales: ₹1,200
What next - After receiving my 1st NHS job offer
Pre-employment checks
Payroll/relocation related queries
Job visa application and appointment (Tier-2 visa)
Job visa fee included (Tier-2 visa)
Ticketing & insurance support
Support to find accommodation and airport transfers
Arriving in the UK → BRP, bank account, others
What to expect in the 1st day at NHS
Career progression & strategic guidance for strengthening your training application from your 1st NHS job
Signing off required core competencies → How to approach
Bundle 5 → onboarding & registration fee

Bundle-6 → Portfolio Plus

Selling Price: ₹5,65,000
Payout to Sales: ₹4,800
Speciality specific planning - Selection criteria & Application scoring points
Research Education Course & Hands on experience
Research publication → 1 x PubMed indexed journal
Research publication fee included - 1 PubMed
How to write a case report/case review
Case report publication fee included
Clinical audit & QIP - Course → How to undertake audit & present the data
QIP - Project execution support
ALS/ATLS - European Resuscitation Council approved
Commitment to speciality courses
Conferences - Oral/e-Poster presentation opportunity
Support for preparing presentation
Teaching methodology course & opportunity to conduct mentorship sessions
Leadership & Team management - Volunteer projects
CPD courses subscription
Follow up on completion of courses/recording evidences
Logbook/Templates/Recording evidences/Formats/feedback forms
Bundle 6 → onboarding & registration fee
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