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GooCampus, in collaboration with partners and accredited service providers across the world is proud to present an exclusive 12-month fast-tracked portfolio building package, exclusively for UK aspirants. This is ideal if you’re looking to move to the UK to start your medical career.
Gain up to 55 points, including CPD and application scoring points that’ll make your portfolio stand out from amongst the others.

List of included services

An onboarding portfolio building session to assess your requirements and target specialty.
Access to multiple scheduled sessions of physician mentorship to help guide your portfolio building process.
Opportunity for either an oral presentation or an e-poster presentation at a national/international conference.
Opportunity to attend a national/international conference as an attendee.
Access to a comprehensive 6-month hands-on research education course.
Guidance & support on writing a high-quality research paper, ready for review & publication.
Opportunity to get your research paper published in PubMed.
Access to accredited & recognized ‘commitment to specialty’ courses, based on your target specialty.
Access to regular CPD accredited events, based on your target specialty.
Access to a face-to-face UK accredited ALS course by certified instructors.
Access to a unique audit & QI methodology course that includes personalized mentorship and opportunity for paper publication.
Access to a teaching methodology course that will prepare you to deliver healthcare training using evidence-based teaching methods.
Opportunity to conduct multiple teaching sessions to an audience consisting of healthcare professionals.
Access to a repository of standard templates that you’ll need to complete your portfolio building activities.
Personalized CV writing and LinkedIn profile building service.
Access to a communication skills training program that will teach you to important doctor-patient interaction & management skills.
A personalized portfolio binder, created exclusively for you with details on every portfolio building activity you’ve completed.
Access to a 3-hour personalized portfolio evaluation session that will assess your current self-assessed scoring status and prepare you for portfolio-specific interview questions. Also includes support for application writing for training jobs.
Just below this, I am writing detailed content on each service provided, but that’s not important to get started. That’s just so we can all refer to this content for future posts, stories and ads.

Onboarding session

You’ll be part of a group onboarding session where we go over the key specifics of this program and list down all the activities and their order of delivery. This is also where we explain in detail how each service will be provided and what your contribution needs to be.
How do this help?
This is a great opportunity to connect with the program coordinators and get acquainted with the different services, timelines and other details
Get the opportunity to interact with your fellow batch mates, so you can create groups to accomplish specific goals

Physician mentorship

Get personalised one-to-one physician mentorship from practicing UK NHS doctors who can guide you on the portfolio building process and answer any other UK-specific questions you might have.
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Program participants

e-Poster presentation

e-poster presentations are presented to the audience on a large computer or TV screen, usually in a landscape position. Each presenter is provided with separate screens and laptops/computers for the session.
Usually, a well-constructed and structured e-poster is self-explanatory, and it should cover the scope of the topic, whilst also being clear in its presentation style.
How do we help?
If you have an interesting case or paper to share/present, we’ll get you access as an ‘e-poster presenter’ at a medical conference
During the conference, you can present your case/paper in front of an audience
If you need assistance in creating a high-quality presentation, you can avail our add-on service

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