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Youtube Snippets Library [Doctorate Q2 2023 Capstone]

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Create, organize and watch YouTube snippets
This doc provides an experimental approach to organizing YouTube video snippets collection: capture, process, store, AI-annotate, rate, highlight, comment, watch - all in one place.
The whole structure is divided into 3 main areas:
+ — database of videos and a handy interface to process videos;
— database of all video snippets you’ve made;
— a place to conveniently watch a rewatch your clips.

Quick Start

The user is free to add new videos or snippets anywhere, but the general strategy would as follows:
Add video(s) in the center (put the URL straight to the header of the card). This page also provides a convenient way to start making snippets out of timestamps right away.
When added, each video will be automatically summarized by - pick a “Detailed” layout to see it:
Watch the video(s) and make your snippets: comment and rate them;
You’ll have some helpers for snippets: calculated duration, a “mini-TV” (mouse hover to quickly check and play the snippet), and an option to open the current one in the main
While editing, each snippet can also be opened as a separate card of a row. There you’ll find a canvas for notes, in case you need to write some more detail:
When snippet is added, based on your comment, the AI will try to guess the tags for the snippet for you!
When done, you’ll have a database of separate snippets. You can check them all in the section. There you can also do various decorative work, if needed.
The is where you can watch your clips conveniently.
Filter the snippets by Source Video, Tags and Rate


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