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Household Chores - Coda Bootcamp 2022 Capstone Project

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To the Automated Household Chores Control


First, go to the section:
Share the doc with all the desired roommates / cohabitants and add yourself with them together to the table;
Create additional and for your chores, if needed.

Then you need to setup all the chores - go to the subpage. Here we’re gonna explicitly decide: “What do we have to do?”..
Create Chores, add Frequencies and Assignees to them;
Check “To Track?” column for all the tasks you wish to track (you can later decide which to leave off);
“Tied to schedule?” mark means the system won’t shift if you reschedule the upcoming due date of a chore;
You may also define Responsibility type and add some Notes to each chore.

Final step: proceed to → here you need to set all the starting dates for each chore in the column “Date Appointed” — that’s what “Tied to schedule” chores then will hold to.
Done! After a brief setup you are ready to start using your Automated Chore System!

Control Panel

you can see the master overview of all the chores and its assignees, colored due dates and detailed info.
The grayish task background means it’s tied to schedule;
The button badge denotes the number of days left (or overdue if with minus);
You may easily reschedule a chore if you want - just click on a corresponding cell in the ”Date: Upcoming” column and the calendar will pop up;
Press Done once a chore is done. The dates will recalculate automatically. That’s it!

Personal Dashboard

On the page you will see only the chores assigned to you. That’s where you can check them done or reschedule.
Click through the upper buttons to get view of upcoming chores for different time periods. You can also glace your overdue tasks by clicking on the 🔥 red fire button.
Hover over a tooltip (if any) to see additional chore notes and tips.

Want to print your doc?
This is not the way.
Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
) instead.