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Course Study Tracker [Coda Doctorate 2022 Capstone]

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A Comprehensive Course Self-Study Tracker
Are you taking an online course, but get confused among all the lessons, lack time to go through and clarify everything and can't remember where you missed something? You're in the right place.

This doc offers a simple way to track your online studying.
It implements a handy methodology I’ve developed to keep the studying process on track in one place.
It’s specifically designed for tracking online study of courses build on (for ), but can be generally used for any self-paced educational course with a Course-Module-Lesson structure.
Inside, you’ll find a comprehensive way to track and overview your progress while keeping important notes, study log as well as crucial things for clarification of the educational material.

The main idea behind is:

Leave your state of learning and clarification for now and move on.
You can always return to where you've stopped, in the future.

This doc may also be customized .

Now, let’s take some action:

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