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Probably the best Trading Journal made so far

This is a more than a trading journal. Yes, it is a trading journal to record and track all your trades, whether they be day trades, scalp trades and swing trades, but it can do so much more.
This is also not for beginners. Its really only for people who want to improve their trading skills. But you will first need to know your technicals well to use it to its full potential. It can help you analyse the strategies, indicators, and setups you use, and you can find out your probability of success with those particular strategies/setups etc.
The data currently present in this doc is for crypto as that is what I mainly trade, but it can be used for all types of assets too.
This journal is for statistic oriented people who want to record and track everything. With this trading journal, you can collect data and statistics about the way you trade, how well your confluences work, and how well your trade management strategies works. It also has additional features such as a calculator to calculate your position size based on account size and risk tolerance, identify how well your trading style works with trends (HTF and LTF), and a few other features I have found useful.
Here are the main features of this journal:
Trade analysis and tracking
Calculating risk and TP/SL
Tracking win/loss rate and net profit/loss over time
Collecting statistics on confluences/indicators/tools/strategies, and allows you to add in your own custom confluences etc.
Collecting statistics on trade management techniques, and allows you to add in your own custom techniques etc.
Compare how well your trades perform trading with the trend vs against the trend, and the trends can be separated into High Timeframe (HTF) and Low Timeframe (LTF) trends
Allows you define what a HTF and LTF trend is
This trading journal has proved to be very useful for myself so far. The more trades you take, the more statistics you have, and the more confidence you will have to enter winning trades. Personally, I feel this is the best way to improve your trading skills and results, as all analysis and statistics are always better when they are based on the way you personally trade.
This journal is constantly in development, so different features may be added as time goes on and as I collect more statistics on my trades. It may change according to my trading style at that point of time, but it can be customized to suit the way you trade. Whether you want something simpler to input your trade faster, or you want something more extensive so you can have more analysis, it can be done.
I have tried to find something like this out there, but it wasn’t available, so I made it myself. There were a few advanced trading journals available that provided analytics but they were monthly subsciptions that cost $30 per month, and they didn’t provide nearly as many features as this trading journal does.
You can contact me at if you wish to purchase this Trading Journal or if you want to make a customized version for yourself, or even if you have any ideas to make this trading journal better than it already is. :)

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