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How to Use?

About This Doc

This doc basically tracks changes between the new and old price lists that are updated and sent every week, filtering out only the products that have changes made to them.
The page lists 3 types of changes in 3 separate tables:
New products added
Price changes for both MSRP and Reseller Price
Products removed or discontinued
They are all automatically populated and calculated via formulas. So once you copy the Excel data in, you don’t have to do anything else.
You can then update your product info accordingly in your online store.

Before Importing from Excel

Important Note: All the importing, cut, copy and pasting of data has to be done in the Database tables. They are under the page and all database tables will have the prefix DB in front of its name.
Make sure the columns are in the correct order before copy and pasting.
Tip: The best way is to use Copy/Cut and Paste to import data from Excel
Move all the data from to as its now outdated
First, delete all the data in the cells of
Cut and paste all the cells that are not coloured grey from into
Go to the top left cell that is not coloured grey. In this case, the first row cell in the Brand column.
Select all columns to the right of it and all rows below of it:
Tip: Select the top left cell (that is not grey)
SHIFT+CTRL+Right Arrow to select all the columns to the right of it
SHIFT+CTRL+Down Arrow to select all the rows below of it
Cut and paste it into
Cut all cells from the
Then select the top left cell that is not coloured grey in and then paste it all in
Now, the table should be empty and ready to import the latest price list from Excel

Import the New Price List from Excel

Select all cells from the Excel sheet and copy it.
Go to the table in and again select the top left cell that is not coloured grey. In this case, the top cell of the column named Brand
Grey coloured columns are created by me and are calculated using formulas. They are arranged to the left of the table so it doesn’t interfere with copy and pasting data
Paste all the cells from Excel into the table
If the column names are pasted in as well, just delete the top row
Change the date in the title of the table accordingly so you can easily check which date the data is from
Note: Do not add, move or change any columns in the price lists databases as they are following the format in the Excel sheet. This way, all the data copied and pasted will be in the correct column.
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