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Complete SME Retail Business Setup

This doc does a variety of things for small retail businesses. It tracks sales, purchases, inventory, finances (income and expenses), employees and more:
Automatically update inventory and financials based on new records in the Sales/Service databases
Create invoices and receipts by just keying in the Invoice Number
Email the receipt to the customer with just a click of a button
Convert currencies between purchases/expenses in different currencies
And much more. Basically its the entire backend of my business.
I spent quite a lot of time on this developing and customizing it for my own business’s needs and it works very well so far, saving me a lot of time. I hope someone else finds this as useful as I do!
Analytics page is quite simple now, but it can further be customized to view whatever data you want from all the different databases that are available.
One thing you have to note is that all dates in this doc are based on the European format which is DD/MM/YYYY.
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