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Learn more about some of the larger projects we're working on
Why it matters
Helping as many people as possible
Casting as wide a net as possible. We want to provide lemonade to the entire world someday!
There’s a lot of people out there with a lot of lemons and not enough lemonade.
Improving the taste of Mary’s Lemonade®
We don’t just want to make Lemonade, we want to make the best lemonade.
Better lemonade means better vibes. Better vibes means more smiles.
Improving our website
It’s been 20 years since we renovated our website. It’s time for a change.
Our ability to become a world-renowned organization rests on the way we outwardly present ourselves. No one wants lemonade from someone they don’t trust!
High level partnership program
Creating a network of not for profit food manufacturers
This will help us scale more effectively, minimize costs, and develop forward-looking partnerships
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Your involvement and engagement is key to the success of these larger projects. To see how you can chip in, check out our project tracker 👇

“Priority” ⭐ key:

🔵 (low priority): Projects that matter to us but aren’t the most important (yet, at least).
🟡 (medium priority): Goals that guide us and take us where we want to go.
🟠 (high priority): Projects that are integral to our mission. This is the kind of work that gets us up in the morning!

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