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Make Harvard Fun

RAK Week at Harvard

Nicholas Brennan
Thank you for always confiding in me your worries and your happy moments, I appreciate our friendship!
Sophie Butte
My teammate sent me a handwritten note to wish me good luck on my meet in Japan. I received it today (4/27) :))
Evie Geier
My best friend has been sending me texts everyday for the past week with constant reminders to be confident and strong for my meet in Tokyo. She has gone out of her way to be kind.
I appreciate our spontaneous lunches <3
Lynn Fitzgerald
Thank you so much for being an amazing advisor! I learned so much over the course of our year together <3
Taia Cheng
Thank you for always being so uplifting and so empowering and so endlessly positive! Your resilience really inspires me and honestly got me through this whole pandemic.
Eric Yan
helps me and everyone all the time no matter how busy he is :')
Chloe Saracco
One of the kindest, loudest, warmest, sharp minded people I've ever met.
Hahn Lheem
Thanks for always checking in on me when I'm drowning in other work—it's always so uplifting to hear from you and know someone else cares :)

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