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Design Crit

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1. Share early.

Share work early, so that people have enough context to understand your project later on in the process. Don’t worry if it feels a bit early still. If you’re worried about getting the wrong kind of feedback then just be explicit that you’re sharing out for awareness and you’re not as ready for feedback just yet.

2. Give enough context.

Each project is different, so frame each crit with some context. Sometimes that can be in the form of a write-up or a
, other times it might be just a line or two. In either scenario, make sure the team knows at least these things:
What is the goal/problem?
What’s the timeline?
What phase are you in?
What is some current feedback you have?
How do you feel about it so far-what things are you trying to drive?

3. Share more than just UI.

Design crits are for more than just high fidelity mocks! Here’s a list of the types of things that are welcome at design crit. Some of these are also great to share during the PD Sync.

4. Ask for the feedback you want.

If you’re team has enough context on what you’re sharing, it’ll be easier for them to give you the right feedback but it never hurts to be explicit. Here’s a list of a few things that you can say you definitely do or do not want feedback on.
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I think we should expand on #3 to give better examples for new designers.
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