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AI cooking recipes
Cooking can be difficult when some of the ingredients unable or its not available in certain countries.
With this solution, consumer needs to type-in the ingredients that they have or would like to use for their cooking, the AI technology can solve by suggesting: a. Other part of the world dishes and how to cook it. b. Create a new recipes using ML from the best dishes around the world. The AI technology also techs consumer of many ways type of ways too. e.g. grill, fry, steam, saute, bake, microwave, airfryer, smoke and etc.
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Health Care Pricing Transparency
There is a problem with finding out the price of medical services in the United States.
This problem can be addressed by building a website that shows hospitals are compliant with the administrative rule for healthcare transparency. That Rule reand promoting such hospitals by grading. That Rule Requires the hospitals to publish online their pricing (which can be gathered) and users to comparing such pricing. To my knowledge there is no good site for doing this. In doing so we would provide reports to attorneys about what is reasonable allowing enforcement in court of reasonable market pricing. By both promoting this idea and showing the standard of care, the use as a legal resource for establishing reasonableness for pricing will both (1) push the price of services down and (2) reward greater transparency by allowing consumers to note who isn’t complying and allowing attorneys to use the violation of the order against such hospitals. This would make money by allowing easy comparison and rating of hospitals thus allowing it to be a source that could be sold to consumers and professionals. It may also be able to be standardized by procedure and medical codes.
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