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Love + Money Graduate Program

0.5: OTILT

Or One-Thing-I-Learnt-Today.
We have a dedicated slack channel (#one-thing-i-learnt-today) where you will share one thing you learnt each day. This will help you keep track of what you’ve learnt over the course of the program, as well as keep the team updated on your progress. You can see some examples below (you won’t have to integrate your daily learnings into a final project—this was a past program requirement):
(early 2020)
Melbournian that spends time working with Stirr/Blur now. Brought more sass than any of us needed or wanted, it was great. [Liv’s insta]
(Feb - April 2020)
Architecture student from Canada. We often get them to help us out with 3D models/renders, al la Fluff. Check them out here. []
(mid 2020)
Was a junior developer with us in 2019 and wanted to learn some design skills.
(mid 2020)
Our first COVID intern. Makes a lot of very cool posters. []
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