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What we need to know to get started

👀 Overview

Common Project is an independent brand activations agency, run by Ben Barrett-Boyes. Ben typically works as an independent for huge brands, bringing brand ideas to life at major events. Some of his clients include Medibank, Bupa, and Suncorp.

What are we doing here?

We're creating a simple, single, 1-page website to show off current work. We only need a flavour — this isn't about over explaining anything. We need to show some credibility, show off some of our best work. No context, no brand names, just some intriguing snapshots of what's been done in the past.
Potential clients need to see:
That we've worked with big names
That we've done great stuff
That we're real

That's about it.
Website Design
Setup and Go-Live
Brand Collateral
Email Signature
8 page Figma Presentation Template


Single page site, with a marquee of images, per Dot Dot Dash. I've already done the creative direction — we'll not veer far from here.


Contact email
Contact phone number
1 line bio/explainer
IG icon that links to CP insta account
Made with Love + Money


🔗 Links etc.

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