Data Services for Music Supervision

Data Services for Music Supervision

Money spent on-screen
One of the highest Creative return-on-investment a Project can make in Music.
Upload your Audio to a Library for tagging by marketing leading AI services.
We use rapid development tools and automation services to deliver it for ingest.
Provides an effect magnet for looking up audio in EDL File Viewer

EDL File Viewer.

EDL banner.png
Tool for work-in-progress EDL files.
Creates an Episodic database of file names from media assets.
SMPTE timecode support, including US TV ‘dropped’ frame rates.
‘Combined View’, merges clips and groups into chronological order.
Link music copyright with Music Library

Screenshot 2022-12-06 at 10.51.39.png

Music Library

Music Copyright for Episodic TV.
CRM system for Music Clearance.
Link copyright data to EDL files for tracking work-in-progress assets.
Delegate clearances to an individual across a whole series.

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