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Bingo Maths

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Fives and Tens

Introduce skip counting

I first introduce a 100 chart and skip counting by 10s using a silly and/or syncopated style for call & response and round robin vocal play with the kids.
Alternately, I hold a printed 100 chart up to the webcam.
Because my classroom is multi-age, I usually lead (or have a learner who volunteers to lead) a few rounds of choral skip counting. First by 10s and then, when I observe that each learner shows confidence or at least willingness in doing that, I introduce 5s using a forceful/louder voice on the 10s and a softer voice on the 5s.
Fives and Tens includes the numbers 0 to 125, so I help the learners extend their counting to the numbers not shown on the 100 chart. This is an opportunity to practice hearing and then finding the numbers on their cards.
As the kids become comfortable with or display fluency with the skip counting, usually not more than 5-8 minutes into the session, it is time to introduce the Fives and Tens bingo cards.

A new game of bingo

The kids quickly notice that this new bingo card is quite different from Classic Bingo. First of all, the letters B I N G O are missing, so they will only have to find a number without a letter. Some or all of the kids will notice that the numbers all end in zero (0) or five (5). That’s when I introduce the game’s name, Fives and Tens, often to laughter.
The game can be called .
can be distributed to each learner.
Alternately, it is possible to
20210309: This resource is a work-in-progress. There are several more Fives and Tens variations to share in future updates. -lmaepa

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