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Lana's Portfolio
Lana’s Customer Success Portfolio

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My Customer Success Philosophy

Let’s Work Together!
I am an enthusiastic and data driven expert promoting a successful career engaging clients and establishing lasting partnerships. As an experienced communicator with the desire to see others succeed, I am focused on increasing revenue and client satisfaction with a consultative and persistent approach. During my daily activities, I remain profit-minded, polished and professional in all interactions. I am resourceful in approaching each situation with a critical eye and devising innovative strategies for maximizing results. I’ve enjoyed communicating with clients in my past Client Success Manager positions. In my next role, I’d love to lead more client projects.
I use a consultative approach to guide clients through their lifecycle, surfacing ideas, innovations, integrations, and capabilities supporting the clients' business goals. I share a commitment to delivering the best possible experiences to drive adoption, growth, and client advocacy. I connect with key influencers and power users to evaluate the strength of the business relationship, dig for pain points, gather and document product feedback, act as a product advocate, and relay important communications directly to the client. I collaborate internally with Customer Care, Product, Marketing, Sales, and Research to provide a connected experience for the client.
I am a Customer Success Manager interested in using creativity to solve problems, build long-term relationships with businesses, and help clients use software to achieve their marketing goals. Customer Success Managers are the trusted advisors for each of their clients. As a CSM, I like to have an intimate understanding of how their businesses work and what the businesses need to grow and thrive. In working with different clients, I find that no two of them are the same. I am able to identify risks to client satisfaction proactively and collaborate across product and operational lines to pursue solutions and advocate for my clients. I am comfortable with being a trailblazer and driving change across the organization to promote healthy processes that will allow me to better service my clients to create long-term value.
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