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During this time of WFH, it is important to take breaks through the day that would usually be filled with stimulating chats with co-workers. Here is an opinionated collection of some of the most stimulating content on the web and in books.


Hover over the links at the top of this page labeled personal or professional growth. Select the topic that is most interesting to you and be taken to useful content available for that subject. If you're on a phone, hit the dots on the bottom right and pick your p̶o̶i̶s̶o̶n̶ healthful topic.


For years I have kept a Google doc of links, snippets and quotes of the best content I have come across. I have found most of that list to be personally and professionally profound. After my first week being essentially locked inside my home, I realized that I needed a mental reset and found myself rereading/rewatching some of my favorite content that I have collect over the years.
And that got me thinking that others might need this type of reset too.
So I searched to see what resources there were like my Google doc that I might be able to share out. Unfortunately, I found nada. Sure there are plenty of "Top 7 Marketing Books That Will Change Your Life", but I didn't really find any truly curated lists of mixed content types


So... I took that Google doc and paired it down to the bare essentials of each of the chosen areas of focus. I have labeled each piece of content in three ways:
Type of content (book, essay, podcast, etc.)
Length of commitment to finish it the first time through

I also worked to provide only free resources. There are two exceptions:
Books generally cost money
There are a few courses that I added because the value received has been far outweighed by the cost

Interested in contributing?

There are a few sections that are pretty sparse (I'm looking at you engineering sections 👀). I would love you to collaborate on this document if you find it useful. At the top of this page hit the submit your own button. There is a brief form there to get your own favorite content/idea/principle added to this doc.
Stay safe and healthy out there.

Made with ♥️ in Atlanta
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