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US History I Syllabus Spring 24

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US History I Syllabus

Instructor: Liu Yang
Zoom Student Support: By appointment
Email: (please prioritize Canvas message for a timelier response)

📜 Course Description

Surveys the history of North America in the colonial era to the Civil War. Emphasis is placed on the establishment of European colonies, relations between colonists and Native Americans, the development of slavery, economic and social developments, the relationship with the British Empire, the Revolutionary War, and emergence of the U.S. as a nation.

🗝 Credit: 5

🧭Dates: April 1 to June 10

💻 Format: Asynchronous

100% online with NO required face-to-face or Zoom meetings. Zoom support is available and optional.

🎯Learning Outcomes (click arrows to expand)

Recognize that history is interpretive and evaluate primary versus secondary materials.
Explain tradition and change through time, particularly through the lens of race, class, gender.
Identify the political, social, economic, intellectual, geographical and cultural issues of each major era from the Colonial Era to the Civil War.
Demonstrate that historical inquiry requires a consideration of historical characters within the values of their own time.

📚 Readings

We use Open Education Resources (OER) in this course, which means the textbook is free of cost to all students. You can also continue to access our textbook after our course has concluded. The following link is for your reference. I have provided a textbook link in Canvas.
No required text to purchase
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📅 Course Schedule

View of Schedule
📒Week 1
📒 Lesson
Introduction and Guiding Principles
📒Week 2
📒 Lesson
Pre-Colonial Period
📒Week 3
📒 Lesson
Colonial Time
📒Week 4
📒 Lesson
📒Week 5
📒 Lesson
Early National History
📒Week 6
📒 Lesson
Growth and Development
📒Week 7
📒 Lesson
Pre-Civil War
Personal interest
📒Week 8
📒 Lesson
Pre-Civil War Continued
Week 9
📒 Lesson
Civil War
Week 10
📒 Lesson
Civil War Continued
✏️Final Project
Personal interest
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📝Assignment and Grading

Reading Activities (15 points x 10 weeks) DUE THURSDAYS

Reading Activities are designed either as quizzes or reading notes. They are essential in obtaining an in-depth understanding of the reading material and being able to retain information through deep level of processing.

Discussions (20 points x 10 weeks) Original post DUE FRIDAYS; Two peer replies DUE MONDAYS AND TUESDAYS

Discussions represent a higher level of learning beyond the facts learned from the reading material and quizzes. Through addressing the instructor’s questions and posting two replies to classmates each week, you engage in collective learning that enables you to think more critically about the topic. Participation in discussions requires at least three posts from each student each week.
Original post: 10 points x10 weeks(W1-W10)=100 points (DUE ON FRIDAY)
Original posts are due on Thursdays. You are expected to contribute to one original post each week by responding to the discussion question posed by the instructor. points
Responding posts: 10 points x 10weeks (W1-W10)=100 points (DUE ON MONDAYS AND TUESDAYS)
You are required to post TWO replies to classmates. I encourage you to space the two replies to take full advantage of the peer learning experience:
1. Reply to a classmate’s initial post on Monday
2. Reply to a classmate's comment on your post on Tuesday
Responses should be substantive by containing in depth analysis on a classmate’s post AND why you agree or disagree with the classmate's viewpoint. Consider raising a question to help them think deeper or in a different perspective.
In order to be able to participate fully in the discussion board, please complete required reading and video(s) before posting in the discussion board.

Participations (10 points x 10) DUE MONDAYS

We learn most effectively through “doing.” Through the weekly participation, you demonstrate your connections with the historical period we learned. I encourage you to explore creative ways to make history relatable and interesting. Ways to contribute include:
Share your own experience traveling to the location (include pictures of your travel if possible)
An object that embodies the specific time period or way of living
Ways in which you apply knowledge learned to your life

Team Building Activity(30 points)

You will be participating in the team-building activity in Week 1. The goal is to foster a collective learning environment all team members feel a sense of belonging and community. You will be posting an audio/video introduction and interact with each of your team member.

Mid-Term and Final Project (20 points+50 points)

Final Project is the culminating product of your learning in the entire quarter.
It is consisted of two parts:
a) Mid-term Proposal: Paper or Creative Format: Introduce your final project
b) Final Project: Presentation or Another Creative Project Encouraged: 50 points due on December 12
Creative formats are highly recommended, such as presentation and narrated digital poster. Presenting to/ teaching others is the best way to retain the knowledge learned. Detailed instructions will be given on how to record a presentation/poster.

🏆 Grading

Total points: 550 points

Introduction activity: 30 points
Participation: 100 points
Reading Activities: 150 points
Discussion: 200 points
Midterm: 20 points
Final Project: 50 points


A 93%-100% 4.0
A- 90%-92% 3.7
B+ 88%-89% 3.3
B 83%-87% 3.0
B- 80%-82% 2.7
C+ 78%-79% 2.3
C 73%-77% 2.0
C- 70%-72% 1.7
D+ 66%-69% 1.0
F < 65% 0


🖥️ Assignment Submission

All assignments should be turned in by the due dates in Canvas

Late Assignments

I understand late assignments are often results of us juggling too much at once. Therefore, the weekly assignments usually allow work up to 24 hours late. Please try your best to be on time with the weekly discussions to allow you the opportunity to engage in collective learning with your group and the entire class. Final project will be published up to two weeks before the deadline and as a result does not allow late submission.
If foreseen or unforeseen circumstances prevent you from completing an assignment on time, you may request an extension or a make-up using the “life happens” coupon. The coupon allows you to turn in work up to five days late without a late work penalty. Each student is afforded ONE coupon for the entire course. If you find yourself in a position of falling behind and may need more make-up opportunities, please reach out via Canvas message. I promise to try my utmost to support you.

📝 Academic Integrity

Online learning is ideal for cultivating original thoughts. Presenting someone else’s ideas as your own, either verbatim or recast in your own words deprives you the right to sharing your own insight and your classmates the opportunity to learn from you. Please familiarize yourself with plagiarism in our campus policies. The first violation will prompt an educational conversation, the second offense a zero in the assignment and a third time may lead to a failing grade.

🖱️ Blank Post Policy

This is an extension of the Academic Integrity Policy provided above. I want you to be successful. While success is a very abstract term, in history and many other social science disciplines, it translates into developing and refining your own critical thinking skills. When you intentionally submit a blank post, it gives you access to other people’s posts, before you formulating your own thoughts, which impedes your ability to independently think.

⌨️ Netiquette

Respect difference in opinions: you don’t have to agree but you are expected to express your disagreement in a professional manner that is appropriate for college classrooms
Foul language is not tolerated
Have an open attitude towards people, culture and values that are different from yours
Incendiary remarks or any denigrating comments against race, gender, nationality or socioeconomic status etc. will not be tolerated in this course

📜Syllabus Change Policy

Except for changes that substantially affect implementation of the evaluation (grading) statement, this syllabus is a guide for the course and is subject to change with advance notice.

🔖 Student Responsibilities

Complete required reading in the textbook each week
Fulfill all assignment and discussion requirements according to the deadlines
Communicate respectfully and timely

🎓Student Code of Conduct

🧰 Instructor Responsibilities

Reply to Canvas messages within 24 hours (except weekends and holidays and personal emergencies )
Grade within a week (if unable to do so, communicate via announcements)
Be professional and helpful by offering constructive feedbacks on discussions and projects
Be respectful of every student
Check in with you if I see signs of struggling within this course

⚖️College Statements

Student Absence for Reasons of Faith or Conscience

Students who will be absent from course activities due to reasons of faith or conscience may seek reasonable accommodations so that grades are not impacted. Such requests must be made within the first two weeks of the quarter and should follow the procedures listed on the policy webpage:

Disability Statement

CPTC values diversity and inclusion; we are committed to fostering mutual respect and full participation for all students. My goal is to create a learning environment that is equitable, useable, inclusive, and welcoming.   In order to ensure that the accommodations provided are reasonable and appropriate, all disability-related accommodation requests are processed through our Disability Resources for Students (DRS) Office.  If you have, or think you may have, a disability that may affect your work in this class and feel you need accommodations, contact the Disability Resource Coordinator to schedule an appointment and initiate a conversation about reasonable accommodations.  The DRS Office is located in Bldg. 17, Room 103, 253-589-5534,,   If you have already documented a disability or other condition through the CPTC DRS Office, qualified for services and would like to receive accommodations in my class, please contact DRS and request that your Letter of Accommodations be sent to me so that I will know which accommodations are necessary to support you while in my class.   

Building 15, 253-589-5544, Computer Lab: 253-589-5820

Building 2, Room 109, 253-589-5966
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