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Teyvat Stars

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Beta Readers


As Teyvat Stars is a huge project of mine, I’m in a huge need of beta readers! I appreciate all forms of feedback from anyone who reads this silly little project of mine. Thus, I am opening up positions for beta readers to read and give feedback on the content I have yet to release!

Who can apply?

Pretty much anyone can apply, as long as you’re interested in reading and giving feedback. I will be asking my friends and putting out a google form for those who are interested.


Application process
Fill out the It will be open until [date].
I will be giving you a DM on discord/tumblr if you are accepted on [date].
I will be creating a server for all beta readers to discuss Teyvat Stars as well!
As for feedback, I’d prefer that you provide feedback throughout the document. I ask that you be specific as your mind allows. I’d like to know how the content makes you feel, if it makes any sense, any suggestions you may have, and any other comments that may come to mind.
I’m eternally grateful for each and every one of my beta readers, but please do not spread any content I haven’t published yet, even if you’re just talking about what happens or what plans I have. Thank you!

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