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Jedi Techniques of dealing with procrastination
The daily checklist

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Vaccines are actions that you perform once, and their effect remains with you for a long time (do it once and forget it).
Set blue light filter to the screens
Installing a night mode (blue filter) on the devices will help to avoid this, as well as auditing the bed for light sources with a blue spectrum: charging LEDs, air conditioning, etc. Remember that it is not the brightness that matters, but the spectrum. Even dim light or a blue LED can affect sleep hormone production.
Prepare a place to sleep ​For example - use comfortable bedding: mattress, pillow, etc.
Set Do Not Disturb Mode on your smartphone
It’s a pity to wake up to unnecessary notification, or some app push
Delete social media apps
Instead of apps, you can use the web versions of these services. It will be a little inconvenient, which is exactly what we need. Unwanted and risky behavior and should not be comfortable.
Turn off notifications (most of them) very few notifications really help
New email (desktop/smartphone)
Social network apps
Everything that does not help you to survive
Most common cognitive bugs that do not allow people to switch off notifications:
“I’m so special! I can’t just turn me notifications off. I can miss something urgent I feel so lonely when my smartphone is silent
Real thinking process starts 10-25 min after the last distraction. For most people it means never. Thanks to all those notifications and instant messaging
Try to live at least a couple of days without notifications maybe you’ll be surprised.

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