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Jedi Techniques of dealing with procrastination
The daily checklist

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Practices are actions, the result of which is preserved as long as you perform them with a certain frequency.

How to distinguish fatigue from laziness?

It seems that the main reason for putting off important tasks is laziness. This is true, but only when it comes to things that are really uninteresting to us. But if the tasks are important, and the process is interesting, then it's not laziness, but fatigue.
Sleep is the most effective way to renew your daily mind fuel supply. Sleep helps to "reboot", restore the body and increase resistance to stress and disease.
Go to sleep without screens
There is a direct correlation between using a smartphone in bed and sleep disorders. Refusal of electronic screens (smartphones, tablets, TV, etc.) before going to bed contributes to the normalization of sleep. And good sleep means rest and quality recovery.
Sleep with the lights off and a use a sleep mask
Whether we want to sleep or not, this desire determines melatonin in the blood. Melatonin is the sleep hormone. Its production is suppressed by blue light in the ambient light spectrum. This is one of the reasons why the screen of your phone, computer or TV can interfere with the quality of your sleep.
Do tasks only from the list
it is better to write down all new tasks in the list (after which they will become tasks from the list) and then you can proceed to their implementation at least immediately.
Work using “Pomodoro” technique
work in small fixed time intervals of 25-35 minutes.
Do nothing for 2 minutes
The practice of "doing nothing" helps to train yourself to be calm. And one of the important skills on the path to calming the mind is to train your mind “not to reject or cling” to the thought that has arisen so that it does not give rise to the next one. It doesn’t mean we forbid themselves to think, we just train not to clench on the thoughts.
Hide time kiler apps
Make it so that most time consuming apps can't be reached in less than four scrolls. And here we have folders and additional screens at our disposal.
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