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LedeLab's Business Plan 1 (LGBP1) - Updated 2023.11.20 17.21 COT

LedeLab Group OÜ offers an innovative, AI-driven educational platform specializing in sustainability and STEM, tailored to meet the diverse learning needs of educational institutions, educators, individual learners, corporations, and government bodies. Targeting primarily the Baltic region and expanding globally, LedeLab's Minimum Viable Product (MVP) comprises an interactive, AI-enhanced digital learning environment. This platform delivers personalized content and experiences, integrating sustainability with civic education and civil defense. It stands out for its ability to adapt dynamically to various learning styles, fostering deeper engagement and practical application of knowledge. LedeLab's solution fills a critical gap in current educational offerings by providing scalable, engaging, and customizable learning journeys that empower individuals and communities to act towards a more sustainable future.

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