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Connect Stripe with Coda

Use these step-by-step instructions to connect your Stripe account with Coda.

1. Click Insert in the upper right of your Coda doc.

2. Select “Packs”.


3. Search for “Stripe” and select the Pack. A new window will open, click on “Add to doc”.


4. For this step you will need your API Token (Secret key) from Stripe.

API keys – Stoa Poikile LLC – Stripe 2022-10-05 09-59-27.png
You can find your Secret key in your . Make sure the key starts with sk_live_. Copy the key and paste it in the input box, then click continue.

5. A window will open asking who can take actions in Stripe from your Coda doc.

Only you: Stripe will be set up in this doc, but if others want to take actions in Stripe they will have to log in with their Stripe accounts to do so.
Anyone this doc is shared with: Anyone with access to this doc can use your Stripe authorization credentials to take actions via Stripe, like updating a customer or a product.
Nobody: Other users will only be able to see data but not take actions.

6. Done! You have connected your Stripe account with Coda and you are now ready to see your account data in your docs 🎉

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