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Scheduler Pack: Start Here

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Scheduler Pack

Use the Scheduler Pack to build your own personal notifications center or schedule tweets to be posted in the future.
👋 Hello! I am Leandro the founder of and a Pack maker. I’ve built some Packs for Coda like , and . This time we will talk about the !
I created this how-to guide to enable Coda makers to set-up the Pack. The Scheduler Pack for Coda allows you to schedule the press of a button or a webhook invoked Coda automation to run in the future!
This time I will show an example of how to create a personal notifications center to schedule notifications to yourself →

Getting Doc ID


Getting Table ID

ParseJson(_MERGE([Table]), "#/objectId")

Getting Row ID

Split(thisRow + "", "/").Last()

Getting Column ID

Click on the column and then Copy column ID. Remember that you can also use the column name.

WHEN Parameter

It is recommended to use the following formula to set the when parameter: Now("minute") + Minutes(delay_in_minutes)

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